About the Glitch

The Glitch is a blog about media.  It’s a blog dedicated to reviewing and analyzing films, television and video games.  Here you will find short spoiler free reviews but also thought provoking analysis with more in depth break downs that will include spoilers but are meant for audience who want a deeper understanding of the messages embedded in pop culture texts.

About the Author:

Benjamin Ferrarini has a Masters of Fine Arts in Film and Television and has worked on several short films.  Benjamin has passion for narrative storytelling in it various forms from Film to Television, to Video Games.  He also enjoys analyzing media to understand not only what makes them work (or not work) but also to break down and understand the themes and messages embedded in narrative works.  This passion led him to start this blog where he will share his love of media and his analytical acumen to share his discoveries with you.  When he’s not working Benjamin can be found spending time with his wife and two children.

About the Ratings

1 StarOne Star: Bad, no redeeming qualities, avoid at all cost.

2 starsTwo Stars: Poor, some good elements but not enough to overcome the negatives.

3 starsThree Stars: Mediocre.  Both good and bad make it just okay.

4 stars Four Stars: Good.  More works then not, but falls short of greatness.

5 stars Five Stars: Amazing.  What little faults don’t detract from the whole.